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      FRP Tank
      FRP pipeline
      Cigarette tower-in-one
      Nuclear power station pipeline
      Transport tank vehicle
      Cable bridge bracket
      Cooling Tower
      Ventilation Fan
      FRP corrosion resistant liner
      FRP water tank
      Moulded grating
      Cable Protection Pipe
      PVC / FRP,PP/FRP
      ,PVD/FRP Compound material
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      Adopt the method of.E-glass high tension, multi-level, multi-angle, multi-tangent point, wrap end plate, the integral gas-filled bag type winding.
      Satisfy the flammability medium and environmental anti- alkene.
      Satisfy the storage, transfer and production of organic, inorganic dissolvent and chemical, electricity-chemical corrosion medium.
      Satisfy the transfer, transport and removing the static electricity of nonelectrolyte fluid.
      Meet the various mechanical demands of support, shearing, burdening。


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