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Gas pipeline

Product features:
However, one way high-performance, anti-static ability, good corrosion resistance, and gas pipeline of small friction resistance, high strength, stiffness, and light weight, good wear resistance, installation transportation convenience, long service life in actual use in a safe, reliable and long life, at the same time save a lot of expenses.
Range of purposes:
2 glass fiber reinforced plastic pipe used mainly for gas drainage of coal mine drainage gas, coal used for drainage, ventilation in coal mines with coal use shotcreting underground mining can also be used in other air supply, ventilation and drainage in areas such as . Coal mine with the specifications of the glass pipe and glass pipe connection socket type has varieties, flange type, type of bonding, live sets, such as steel flange connection type, model specifications ф50mm-ф2000mm, length 3m, 4m, 6m, 12m (based on customer needs, pipe length can be determined with the customer needs).
Glass fiber reinforced plastic drainage pipes for gas pipelines and:
3 at long-term use, not to environmental conditions, working conditions and environment and energy have any impact, because of FRP pipe with a stop-ran, good antistatic properties, high strength can be at ambient temperature 40 ℃ to -40 ℃ deformation is not the case, at the same time with acid, alkali, corrosion-resistant to other gases, such as the life characteristics of up to 50 years for coal mine environment and working conditions, to ensure safe and reliable.
Structural characteristics of the gas pipeline with the principles of:
4 pipeline structure or by the lining layer and the structure layer, the appearance of the protection layer, by the anti-static resin, Ran resistance of glass fiber materials and resin materials, such as by winding, wall lining carpet surface, knitting blankets, Miscibility Mesh Antistatic flame-retardant resins, to achieve a smooth inner wall of small friction resistance (friction coefficient of 0.084), good corrosion resistance, not only plays an anti-static surface, the outer surface of static electricity, also plays the role of fire retardant, the management enhancement of the wall layer with a high impact toughness, stiffness and resistance strength, enhance the role played pipes, so that pipeline to meet flame-retardant anti-static capability and good performance, high strength, long service life safety effects.
The technical characteristics of channels:
1, fire-retardant; 2, anti-static; 3, anti-corrosion; 4, small frictional resistance; 5, strength, light weight; 6, good wear resistance; 7, easy to install, such as transport properties.


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