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FRP assembled water tank
The water tank is the indispensability constitutes in the commonality water supply system of mine corporation and civilian residences. Nowadays, the concrete and armor plate water tank are mostly used in our country, but the leakage and fouling of the concrete tank and the erosion of the armor plate tank serious influence the water tank’s use. According to the local examine of the Beijing environmental protecting office, 85% water supply system of water tank can not reach the water supply quality criterion because of the bacterium, alga and rust erosion’s pollution
Since the 1980’s, normal assembled FRP water tank resolves the former problems. FRP water tank has the advantages of no leakage, no distortion, no pollution and long operating life, and also easy assembling, beautiful figure and assembling different tonnage water tank according to the user’s needs. The FRP assembled water tank is produced by cooperating with the Nonmetal Material Technique Company of China and FRP Academe of Beijing, which adopts the advance technique of 80’s. We produce 1.1m model board and 1.6m model board. The 1.1m model board is suit for the water tank whose volume is smaller than 20m3 and the 1.6m model board can be used to assemble the water tank of 20~85m3.
The assembled water tank’s mainly constitutes’ design intensity is effected by the wind pressure, snow, earthquake and flesh load etc. in different areas. There are water raising, water feeding, water overflowing, water drain, enter hole, ladder water and other equipments. It is the optimal production for the modern architecture and rebuilding of the old water tank. The water tank and resin is chemical toxicologically evaluated as: there are not poison and prohibited chemical by the China Defend Physic’s Science Environment Sanitation and Sanitation Engineering Academe and Shanghai Sanitation Epidemic station. The marinate water quality accord with the criterion of the national drinking water quality, and also with the water quality criterion of Japan’s perch water tank.

Assembled feed-tank
Purpose: The assembled water tank is suit for the temporary feedwater reservation and water use adjustment of the architecture construction field; It can be used as the expanding and coagulating water tank of the heating system; It also can be used as the temporary water storing tank for the geological reconnaissance and national defense engineering.
Notice items of facture and installation of the water tank: the assembled feed-tank adopts the Q235A5 armor plate that is pressed to 1000×1000 and 1000×500 standard armor plate. Drill around the circle, galvanize or other antiseptic treatment. After these, do local assembling and nip rubber blanket between the standard block that is connected by the bolts. The single standard block’s weight is 47.0 and 26.4kg
The diameter and position of the water tank’s enter water pipe, drain water pipe and overflow pipe should be decided during designation: there should be examine and repair pipeline no less than 700mm around the water tank, no less than 600mm under the tank and on the top of the tank. The relative sew of the tank’s circumference and bottom should sit on the bracket during the installation. The rubber blanket should be replaced by heat resisting rubber blanket, when the water tank is used as the hot water tank or expanding water tank.
The assembled water tank’s picture design parameter is designed according as the criterion in the “Design Criterion of Architecture Water Supply System” (GBJ15-88).The volume of the water tank is 1.0-30.0m3.There are decades specifications to supply to be chosen for design. We can design and produce the length, width, and height according to the user’s needs.
The mitigate corrosion of the water tank: the galvanization, ejecting plastic, ejecting aluminium, brushing white epoxy resin enamel and glass epoxy are used to protect the tank and its accessories. It also can be chosen according to the user’s needs.
The heat preservation of the water tank: take the polystyrene as the heat preservation material.

Water filling experiment of the water tank: after the assembling, shut the drainage pipeline and discharging pipeline, open the enter pipe, examine it until it is full while draining. It is eligibility as long as it does not leak after 2-3 hours.

SMC assemble water tank
SMC assemble water tank is the new style water tank largely used in the international society. It is developed by the FRP Investigation and Designation Department of National Architecture Material Office and designed by the Beijing Architecture Designation Academe. Its special character resolves the problem of concrete water tank’s large weight, leakage, lichen growth and armor plate’s rust erosion and rust defending layer’s pollution. There are advantages of high quality water, no leakage, light, beautiful figure, long operating life and simple installation. This water tank is checked and accepted through the “Seven Five” key problem tackling, and also is arranged as the largely smear new product during the “Eight Five”. SMC water tank is suit for the mine cooperation and enterprise, civilian residence, hotel, restaurant and other commonality architecture. It can also be used as the water store equipment of life water, fire fighting water and high quality water which is used in food, medicine and sanitation.
SMC assemble water tank is firstly used in Xianggelila restaurant, Guoyi hotel, 301 hospital and Beijing Sanitation Epidemic Station. It is widely used in more than twenty provinces and cities such as that in the southern extending to Haiko and Sanya and in the northern extending to Daqing and Haerbin. The users are content with them very much
The constitution of the water tank
SMC assemble water tank is assembled by SMC die pressing single plate, airproof material, metal constitution and tubing system. We can assemble the water tank of 1-500m according to the user’s needs. If the old water tank needs a renewal, it does not need to change the house. As long as there is a door it can be assembled, so it has a great adaptability that brings great simple to the design and construction. The normal water tank is designed following the criterion, while the special and big one ask for the special design. The special developed production for the type finalizing—airproof strap—is adopted on the water tank’s airproof, which has the characters of innocuity, water enduring, great elasticity, little permanence distortion, more than 30 years’ using life.
Cleanliness and sanitation performance
The water tank is chemical toxicologically evaluated by the China Defend Physic’s Science Environment Sanitation and Sanitation Engineering Academe and Shanghai Sanitation Epidemic station as: there are not poison and prohibited compound in the supplied synthesized material; the stimuli’s online checkup and volatility examine results indicate that there is not high content and poisonous compound in the SMC water tank’s marinated liquid; the marinated animal experiment indicates that there are not acute toxicity and cumulative toxicity; the water quality marinated in the water tank reaches the criterion of the national drinking water(GB5749-85) and the Japan perch tank water standard. So the water tank is safe and reliable to use.


Stainless steel plate water tank
Assembled stainless steel water tank’s standard scale and configuration are same to that of the assembled armor plate water tank, except that it uses the SUS304£2-£4 stainless steel plate. Because it has the high quality material and it does not rust, it is an optical high quality water tank for the life water.
Pressing stainless steel plate sealed water tank uses SUS304£2-£4 stainless steel plate which is pressed into rib reinforcement. Then it is holistic sealed by the stainless welding rod that has simple structure, high intensity and can be used to build large content water tank. Because the tank is sealed by the stainless steel which shutoff the irradiation of the sunshine, so the alga’s growing will be prevented and the water will be kept to be clean.
The assembled liner stainless steel water tank is pressed by SUS3235 £2-£4 armor plate and SUS304£1 stainless steel plate. There is not rib reinforcement outside the tank. This tank have the advantages of armor plate water tank’s solidity and stainless steel plate one’s no rusting, and also it saves the cost and is the optical product for storing the cold, hot and life drinking water.

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