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food brewed vessel
“The dream is anticorrosion and nontoxin.” —said of Zhang Lin, the director of ZhenJi brewage factory in ShiJiaZhuang city, “ Our fruit juice sauce fermentation tower,which is exported to Japan, matches the international standard completely because Zhongyi company owns the manufacture exequatur of Chinese health section.” Zhongyi Company is good at the manufacture of vessel reactor in food health class and the color tube extremely high class. If you want to pick the bright phearl from extreme imperial crown of food brewed industry, health class of mineral water industry and electric color tube, only the confirmation of the series of technical knack, the complete analysis and sophisticated precise instrument can finally move “the God”

The application of FRP equipment in fermentation industry

  With the continuous development of science and technology in recent years, the fermentation industry which is related to the national economy and the people's livelihood has been made great progress and the fermentation equipment has been updated from tradition to modernization. Because of its good corrosion resistance, high specific strength and green environmental protection, the FRP equipments become the ideal renewal products.
The functional request of the fermentation equipment
Corrosion resistance
In fermentation industry there are mainly there kinds of corrosive medium: the first one is the corrosion of half-finished product in the course of producing or the product itself such as citric acid, vinegar acid and the salts in sauce and so on. The sencond one is all sorts of accessorial and disinfectant stuff during the processing, for example, various salt, inorganic salt (hydrochloric acid, sulfuric acid, sulfurous acid, etc), alkali (sodium hydroxide and ammonia water). The third one is the mixture of the mentioned two kinds as well as exhaust gas and waste water which have to be made some environmental protection processing.
The material is innoxious and can get in touch with the food.
The fermentation equipment must satisfy health demand of food container.
Be propitious to the prevention and treatment of pollution bacterium
The pollution bacterium or bacteriophage is principal enemy during the fermentation process. These infected bacteria not only hinders the growth of producing bacteria and synthesis of products and disrupts the normal manufacturing management order, but also influences the product quantity of the further work procedure and even give rise to inverted tank which let fermentation liquid into the sewer and make the production suffered from great damage. So the equipments must have no dead spot and leakage. Moreover the raw materials must not have fouling and make against the growth and residence of undesirable bacteria.
Certain strength and toughness must be assured.

Some equipments have to meet the request of temperature, pressure and attaching the mixer except of storage tank of finished products and raw/accessory materials in fermentation industry,for example, various fermentation tank, neutralization tank in monosodium glutamate industry, ion exchange column, vacuum condense tank preparing citric acid, etc. Therefore, the material which is used for manufacturing the equipment has the certain request of strength and toughness。
Present material condition of fermentation equipment

Now in fermentation industry there are three kinds of materials which are used in most of equipments. The first one is carbon steel compound, i.e. lined with rubber, FRP, stainless steel, plastic, acidproof ceramic tile, etc. The second one is the integral stainless steel and the third one the integral plastic (PVC, PP, etc.)

The price of carbon steel compound and plastic equipments are generally moderate and meet the ordinary request of corrosion resistance. But the property of the inner materials is different with that of the carbon steel in the carbon steel compound equipment. Therefore construction and maintenance are difficult and the easily shedding inner leads to equipment corrosion and interior medium contamination. In addition, maintenance costs increases and the service life shortens consumedly. And once the corrosion resistant inner penetrated the vessel, the carbon steel shell would be suffered from serious corrosion and even make the whole equipment discarded. For the pressure vessel it is possible to take place such serious accident as explosion.

The plastic equipments possess excellent corrosion resistance and are used for various medium. But these plastic equipments basically belong to thermoplastic engineering plastic which service temperature is not high , for example, the service temperature of PVC is below 70℃. Moreover the application of this kind of plastic is restricted because of low service temperature, dehiscence (pp, for instance), low strength and aging.

The integral stainless steel equipment has good corrosion resistance, convenience of manufacturing and processing, high strength and good high temperature properties. The integral stainless steel is usually used for some key equipment which is used in rigorous environment. But in practice, there exits such problems as corrosion, contamination, etc. If these problems were not solved completely, not only its superiority would not be exerted, but also more great damage would be caused.
The characteristics of the FRP equipments
Satisfy the sanitary request of food. Whether the FRP products satisfy the sanitary request of food is the most basic request of the fermentation equipment. And it is key to choose the inner resin, that is to say, the resin must be food class.
Light mass and high strength. The FRP specific weight is only 1.4-2.0, and the tension strength of the fiber twisted FRP amounts to 300-500Mpa and exceeds the limit strength of the common steel and even some special alloy steel according to this strength. Therefore the FRP can be used as main structural material of the corrosion resistant equipment. Transportation, installation and maintenance are all convenient.
The corrosion resistance is Excellent. One of the biggest characteristics of FRP is the excellent corrosion resistance. The FRP production, which can resist several acid, alkali and organic solvent, can be produced by the choice of resin and appropriate molding process.
Good surface performance, easy to clean and good antiseptic performance. Because the whole molding FRP has no joint seam and is smoothing, few corrosion products and fouling appear and say nothing of growing bacteria and microorganism. So the FRP that do not contaminate medium and can be cleaned easily has already satisfied the request of food brewed and medical industry in virtue of specialized examination of food and medicine section.
The designability is good. The FRP is a kind of composite material which can satisfy different property request by means of changing the categories and quantity proportion of the raw materials and the arrangement pattern of reinforced material.
Good construction craft. The required shape can be fabricated conveniently by different molding method and mould because the non-solid resin and reinforcement have the capability of deformation. This characteristic is specially suited to large-scale, integrity and the complicated structure equipments and construction request. it can be applied to the spot construction and assemble.
Antiaging and fire retardant. The FRP is a kind of reinforced plastics whose matrix has problems of natural aging and burning. But these problems have already initially settled through more than 60 years research in the world and more than 30 years research in China. Reinforced material adding coupling agent can make FRP last for 50 years, and then keep the bending strength 64-46%, tension strength 71.2%. If adding antioxidant further, the aging resistance would be better. When adding burning inhibitor in matrix or adding burning resistant in employed burning inhibitor resin, the oxygen index of the FRP amounts to 34-36. And that the request of burning resistance is completely met for fermentation equipment.
Low comprehensive costs. As a new kind of functional material, generally speaking, the price of FRP equipment is higher than that of the carbon steel and some plastic equipment because raw materials of FRP are expensive, but lower than that of the stainless steel and other non-ferrous equipment. However, the installation, usage and comprehensive costs are low because of such advantages of FRP as light, good corrosion resistance, long service life and little maintenance. In addition, in order to gain excellent property and low comprehensive costs as well, a great variety of methods can be adopted to some equipments used in complicated and rigorous environment, for example, using stainless steel or titanium alloy to make heating coil tube and lining the thermoplastic.

四、 Matters need attention during design and manufacture of the FRP equipment
afety coefficient. Safety coefficient is the ratio of limit strength and allowable stress. The confirmation of safety coefficient must take the circumstances into consideration because the standard strength is insufficient and the measured values scatter largely. As following are the main considering factors: ①load and stress analysis. The lower safety coefficient can be adopted when the stress analysis is accurate. ②different safety coefficient should be chose when the FRP production is made by different process.③choose reasonable safety coefficient at high temperature according to the heat deformation temperature of the chosen resin. ④safety coefficient should be raised appropriately considering shock load or fatigue load. ⑤low safety coefficient should be chosen for the further solidification processing. ⑥safety coefficient should be raised if the equipment likely do harm to people or is very important. Generally speaking, total safety coefficient is no less than 6. But too large safety coefficient results in material waste.

  • Resin type. Appropriate resin type is chose according to the medium category and temperature. Simulation experiment should be adopted while no dependable data in order that the chosen resin still possesses the required corrosion resistance and strength at service temperature.
  • Structural design. Structural design of equipment must satisfy the request of the convenience of usage and installation. For example, special considering must be taken for jnlet, outlet, ejection, nozzle and brace if the equipment is required to clean inside and outside conveniently. In addition, reasonable structural design must be done to satisfy the toughness requirement due to low elastic modulus of FRP.
  • manufacture

Fabrication should carry on strictly according to processing regulation, especially the machining quality of corrosion resistant layer must be assured. Strict control and management should aim at some special cases. For example, as following is the strict control of food making vessel. (1)The resin contacted with medium must choose the food class which accords with GB13115 standard and have formal experimental report. The adopted firming agent, promoter, polymerization retarder and their solvent must also accord with GB13225 standard.(2)After the vessel is processed, further solidification processing should be carried out commonly 3b at 80℃ and 14d at room temperature at least.(3)The surface contacted with medium should cleaned twice by means of vapor (80-120℃) or 80℃ water, and then sealed till usage.
Installation, transportation, usage

FRP is a new kind of material which has its own characteristics. The installation, transportation and usage of the FRP equipment is different from that of the other equipments made by traditional materials and must be based on the blueprint and introduction of the factory in order to assure the production quality.

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