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      FRP Tank
      FRP pipeline
      Cigarette tower-in-one
      Nuclear power station pipeline
      Transport tank vehicle
      Cable bridge bracket
      Cooling Tower
      Ventilation Fan
      FRP corrosion resistant liner
      FRP water tank
      Moulded grating
      Cable Protection Pipe
      PVC / FRP,PP/FRP
      ,PVD/FRP Compound material
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      PVDF/FRP Compound material

      Zhongyi FRP Factory In HeiBei province, JiZhou city, firstly introduced the techniques and equipments from Italian and set up the first modern professional factory manufactured FRP pipeline and tank. After manufacturing andmanaging for many years, the factory has already been able to produce tank series which DN<2000mm and the maxmimu volume amounts to 200m3. The products includes: railway tank car, the FRP large-scale dehydrating tower and various oilcans, sedimentation tank, matrix liquid tank and neutralization tank and so on.

      Japan to check situation CPVC Welding
      Expert in the day to check the water pressure test case
      Semi-finished products to be processed PVC / FRP
      PVDF / FRP Tank
      Japanese Supervisor is preparing the electrical sparkle test for CPVC liner
      Japanese supervisor is taking the electrical sparkie test
      PVC / FRP pipe flange
      PVC / FRP Vessels

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