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Through many years cooperation with domestic scientific research institutions, our company has accumulated rich experience in design and manufacture and can carry out special design and manufacture according to user's special requirements.
There are two series of cross-flow cooling tower, BHZ series and HBL series. The BHZ series has low noise type and super low type. The cooling water fluxes of single tower are respectively 80, 100, 125, 175 and 200 mm 3/h (6×200m 3/h). If the reading in the parameter table exceeds 200m 3/h, pieces of cooling machines should be installed. And the corresponding amounts of cooling tower are remarked in the column of fan and electric engine. Beside low noise type and super low noise type, there is also industrial type with medium high water temperature decrease HBL series. The cooling fluxes of single cooling tower are respectively 300, 500 and 700m 3/h. They can also be installed in parallel for use. It has the characteristics of high air current speed, noise little higher than that of installation tower, but lower than that of counterflow tower as well as small land occupying area.
There are two series codes, B-FRP, H- cross-flow cooling power, Z- installation model and L- cooling tower and the remaining are the same with those of counterflow model.
Structural properties: the series apply bilateral air intake. The mass transaction with the hot water is conducted through the air passing the bilateral fillers by means of the top fan. The wet air is discharged outside the tower again. Point wave plates with protruding point on both faces is applied for fillers, which are adhered into one integrate through installation to increase rigidity. Because there are protruding points on both faces, not only the water drop is prevented from directly dropping, but also the function to form water film is increased. There are water measures on the foot section of filler. The fan applies airofoil FRP fan with lower rotational speed and lower dynamic pressure. Apply terylene fiber reinforced power belt. Its merits include low noise and high drive efficiency and it doesn't skid at the time of water. Because of bilateral air intake, the filler can be directly stacked to distribution channel from the bottom of water pool. Therefore, there isn't water dropping noise like counterflow tower, which is advantageous to reduce the noise of cooling tower. Consider convenient for installment, the base of cooling tower is installed on the strip reinforced concrete basis. The foundation dimensions in the sample are only for reference. Take the average value of the load of each base. And 200×200m steel plate withthe thickness of 16 mm can be embedded on the location of anchor bolt. If the user hopes to enlarge the water storage capability of water tank, he should explain this at the time of ordering.


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