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      - Mine drainage FRP pipe give the reason to enjoy "significant energy" of reputation, and its performance characteristics at n ≤ 0.0084 - smooth because of the inner wall, the fluid pressure head loss, so flow can be selected with a smaller diameter or less low-power pump - for long-distance transmission, large-diameter pipelines can also lower the installation cost, reduced insulation costs, the abolition of anti-corrosion costs, remove the overhaul costs - is a "longevity" of the charity
      - In the frozen medium, the pipeline will not be Frost Crack
      - Corrosion resistance: In the criss-cross, spread all over the place Luo Gang environment, in accordance with the requirements of medium to select a different corrosion-resistant pipes
      - Pressure: stress in accordance with process requirements, design, manufacturing pipes and pipe fittings. Required to process a multiple of 1.5 to filling pressure stress test - heat: a negative resistance at low temperature 70 ℃, high temperature to 250 ℃
      - Good insulation and improved performance to eliminate static electricity; flammability can be better and improved self-extinguishing, fire-retardant, resist burning; transparency and better performance can be improved was colorful; insulation performance and improved thermal conductivity to enhance the capacity of
      - Non-toxic: the transmission can be used for drinking water



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