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Moulded grating
Moulded grating is FRP plates with many uniform distributing rectangular and square blanks which are manufactured with molding confectioning technology. It has bilateral isomorphism mechanical features. As the ideal product for corrosion environment, it is widely used in the work platform, equipment platform, boring platform, walkway of petroleum, chemical industry, electronic industry, power industry, paper manufacturing, printing and dyeing, galvanization, ocean exploration, sewage treatment, and other industries, and it is also applicable for civil construction.

The series products have the features of crater, sand-finished, biplane, plate grate.

1、Corrosion resistance: It has excellent acid resistance, alkali resistance, organic solvent resistance, saline and other many gas and liquid medium resistance. It also has unsurpassable superiority in anticorrosion field. In terms of actual using environment, the customer can economically select pyrocatechol, m-phenylenediamine and ethenyl resin as base.

2. Light weight and high intensity: the density of FRP grating isn’t larger than 2, only 1/4 of steel and 2/3 of aluminum. Its strength is 10 times of that of hard PVC, and its absolute strength exceeds those of aluminum and common steel.

4. Resistance to age: Its operational life is longer than 50 years.

3. flame retarded: the flame transmitting speed of common flame-retarded grating(ASTM E-84)doesn’t exceed 25, the flame transmitting speed of common flame-retarded grating doesn’t exceed 10 and the oxygen index isn’t lower than(GB 8924).

5、Safety: It has excellent electric insulating property, and it isn’t be punctured with 10KV voltage, and has no electromagnetic properties. It can be used in magnetism sensitive equipment. The special structure of FRP grating has antiskid and fatigue resistance.
 Panel (mm)Panel size(Width×Length×Thickness) Thickness)
Lattice size (mm)Lattice size
Void ratio (%)Void ratio
Panel weight (kg)
Panel weight
Drawing and extruding sectional material
Drawing and extruding sectional material is drawn, squeezed and manufactured by coated glass fibrofelt with continuous glass fiber, emerged into unsaturated resin( or epoxide resin and PF resign). It is very tough and firm, whose absolute values of longitudinal flexural strength and impact strength have exceeded those of common steel material. Its merits include excellent corrosion resistance, high temperature resistance and insulating properties. The operation life of products in acid and alkali medium is longer, and its utilization scope in industrial and civil field keeps enlarging and more and more welcomed by people.

Applicable scope
1. Petroleum and chemical industry: with excellent corrosion resistance of FRP, it is widely used in bracket of electric and pneumatic line, radiator of generator, stairs and armrest, operation platform, aisle, gasoline tank, cabinet panel distribution board, power distribution room, discharge pipe and discharge system, berth and marebase identification labeling, pumping rod of oil well, filler bracket of towers, filter plate support, etc.
2. Electric power: because of excellent properties, it is widely used as insulation supporting, bridge bracket of high voltage cable, antenna column, and operation rod of high- voltage current
3. Construction: roof support, construction safety guards and wall reinforced grate.

FRP table and chair

1 light weight and high strength, beautiful shape, waterproof, dampproof and nondeformable

2. Smooth surface, compact material and the color can be arranged randomly.

3. Non-sticking oil, convenient to clean, health, and it can beautify space.

4. Not be limited by mode, style and dimension, and can randomly be designed in terms of magnitude of spece.

5. Economical, long average operational life and lower cost.

pplicable scope: dinning room of enterprise and government unit, snack, park, palaestra, hospital, waiting room of station and other public location.

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