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      FRP Tank
      FRP pipeline
      Cigarette tower-in-one
      Nuclear power station pipeline
      Transport tank vehicle
      Cable bridge bracket
      Cooling Tower
      Ventilation Fan
      FRP corrosion resistant liner
      FRP water tank
      Moulded grating
      Cable Protection Pipe
      PVC / FRP,PP/FRP
      ,PVD/FRP Compound material
      Home >>examples
      China's first self-designed with one smoke tower project (Hebei Sanhe Power Plant), the diameter of the glass-steel flue 5200 by my company
      Asia's first power plant smoke tower one project (Beijing Gaobeidian thermal power plant), the diameter of the glass-steel flue 7000 by my company
      Gansu Yinguang Tank site
      Three Rivers tower power plant smoke stack one glass fiber reinforced plastic
      SB French company for the design and manufacture of FRP-PP
      Daqing ethylene project for the manufacture of hydrochloric acid tank
      Italian winemaking equipment
      The bubble-cap tower used in Jiaohua factory: PVC-FRP
      Hong Kong's Lee Kum Kee soy sauce fermentation tank group companies
      Russia exports desulfurizer

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