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Centrifugal ventilation fan

4-72 model FRP centrifugal ventilation fa

一、 feature and selection table4-72 model centrifugal ventilation fan has the following characters of light weight, low power consumption, low noise, corrosion resistance, long longevity, etc. We can also supply the matched damping base or steel seat frame.The ventilation fan is manufactured accurately and has different model and specifications for the client to choose.
二、vibration damper base of 4-72 FRP ventilation fan
1、The corresponding vibration damper and damping base steel seat frame can be supplied. The users can make an order according to required ventilation fan model, fan rotational speed, rotation direction, air outlet position, manufacturer, power engine model, vibration damper model and other.
2、The collection of drawings are prepared in terms of product sample of 4-72 FRP centrifugal fan manufactured by us and product sample of 4-72 FRP centrifugal fan manufactured by Shenyang Fan Factory, which are also applicable for the similar models of fan produced by Beijing Fan Factory and No. 2 Beijing Fan Factory.
3、The collection of drawings is equipped with two kind of vibration damper, TJ1 spring vibration damper and JG rubber cut vibration damper. The environment temperature of the former is -35℃-- +35℃, and it is nested with rubber protective covering and is applicable for outdoor.
4、The triangular belt of model C fan used in the collection of drawings is different from that of fan sample( the bet model and pieces are the same), and it should be matched in terms of belt number (joint circumference) specified by the collection of drawings at the time of order.
5、The total of weight of damping system includes the weight of fan insulating layer, whose largest weight should be equal to the difference between total upper limit and lower limit of corresponding damping system.
6、the installment procedure of damping base: (1) the damping base can be located on the superficially embedded single foundation basis, concrete ground, floor or roofing.(2) smoothen the ground, floor or roofing where the damping base is installed before installment.(3) the steel seat base shouldn’t be welded with the vibration damp.(4) the installment procedure of damping base: Place the wood block filler (or jacking apparatus) beside the position prepared to install damping base, whose amount shouldn’t be lower than 4 and height should be a litter higher than the original height of vibration damper. Put the steel bracket onto the wood block filler. If thermal insulating measures need taking for the fan, power engine and fan shell installed on the steel bracket, it should be finished constructing at the same time to install fan. Place the vibration damper onto the prepared position, remove the wood block filler. Calibrate whether the heights of vibration damper after compressed are equal. Tighten the bolt connecting fan, power engine, vibration damper and steel bracket. The rubber under the vibration damper should be placed on the ground, floor or roofing, any anchor connection isn’t required. Install the fan pipe and flexible pipe junction between air inlet and air outlet. The soft pipe is forbidden to tighten. The fan operating test is used to check the stability of fan operation and whether there are malfunction in the vibration damper.
7、The allowable deviation of installing damping base (1) the relative height between any two points on the supporting structure where the vibration damper is installed: 3mm; (2) the relative height deviation between the vibration dampers one hour after they bear load


Axial-flow ventilation fan
一、 T3-11 FRP axial-flow ventilation fan
   (一) introduction to ventilation fan
   FT35-11 axial-flow ventilation fan is the ideal ventilation fan to take the place of 30K4, T30, T40 and some old products, whose efficiency is increased by 89.5% and the noise is lower than that of (A) grade by 3.6dB.FT-35 ventilation fan is one kind of high efficiency and lower pressure ventilation fan recommended by National Machinery Committee. Its merits include low noise, excellent corrosion resistance, etc. It can be applied in industrial workshop, mechanical manufacturing, chemical industry, printing and dyeing, electric plating, medical expense and other sections, cinema, hotel, office building, residential building and other buildings. It can act as free fan if removing the wind shell. It can also be interval installed in the longer exhaust air duct to increase the complete pressure in the pipe. The ventilation fan model: the T35 axial-flow fan can be classified into 13 models in terms of diameter of blasé wheel, No 2.8, 3.15, 4, 4.5, 5, 5.6, 6.3, 7.1, 8, 9, 10 and 11.2. The amount of fin of the first model is 4. The fin can be installed in terms of five angles,15°, 20°, 25°, 30°and 35°. Therefore, because of installment angle of fin, not only the rotational speed of basic shaft, but also the wind pressure, wind flux and efficiency consumption are different.
二、 GD30K2-12 axial-flow ventilation fan
  GD30K2-12 axial-flow ventilation fan is designed on the basis of referring to FBZ-11 model.
   Its most prominent characters are listed as follows:
(1) The electric motor is installed on the top of wind barrel and driven by triangle belt. Its center distance can be appropriately adjusted. The transmission team is fixed in the sealing barrel on the center of wind barrel and is isolated with the medium. Therefore, it can transmit damp gas and gas harmful to the power engine.

(2) The flux and wind pressure can be altered by changing turns. If the corrosive and combustible gases are transmitted, the corresponding requirements should be brought forward at the time of ordering.

Roofing ventilation fan
一、 BWS-85-6 centrifugal roof ventilation fan
BWS-85-6 roofing FRP ventilation fan is the advanced roofing air discharging equipment, which is mainly used in hotel, restaurant, cinema, office building, laboratory, workshop, dwelling house and other buildings. The series ventilation fan has the following features, beautiful modeling, compacted structure, high intensity, light weight, corrosion resistance, aging resistance, lower power consumption, low noise, reasonable operation, convenient installment and maintenance, etc. Apply inlet and outlet Venturi tube measurement. Comparing with similar products, its efficiency has been increased by 30%. In terms of users requirements, the explosion roofing fan can also be installed by our company, whose performances are same as those of the same model.
二、 BWS-87-3 FRP low noise roofing ventilation fan
BWS-87-3 FRP low noise roofing ventilation fan is widely used in the complete and local air discharge of various industrial and civil constructions, especially applicable for hotel, school, hospital, auditoria and cinema. It has the following features, low noise, light weight, high efficiency, corrosion resistance, compacted structure, beautiful appearance, realizable operation and other advantages.
三、 BDW-87-4 FRP centrifugal roofing ventilation fan
BDW-87-4 FRP centrifugal roofing ventilation fan utilizes infinitive variable speeds power engine and is manufactured with quality FRP. Both the performance and noise of ventilation fan reach the design requirements. It has high efficiency with lower power consumption, light weight, corrosion resistance, reliable operation, simple installment and others. Its noise can be limited within 65(A)db. If the noise can’t satisfy requirements, muffling box can be installed between foundations and ventilation fan, our factory will design and manufacture muffling box for users.
四、 BDW-87-6 explosion centrifugal roofing ventilation fan
BDW-87-6 explosion centrifugal roofing ventilation fan is applicable for various industrial and agricultural buildings, with explosion requirements, war industry requirements, workshop, laboratory, warehouse and others. Its working conditions are: the environment air temperature≤90℃, relative humidity≤85%, the dust content and content of other solid impurities ≤150mg/m3 , the environment noise≤60(dB).
五、 BDW-87-7 axial-flow roofing ventilation fan
BDW-87-7 axial-flow roofing ventilation fan is mainly applicable for petroleum, chemical industry, metallurgy, mechanical, national defense, cinema and other large-sized building and restaurant. The transmitting air doesn’t contain stickum material, the dust grain shouldn’t be larger than 150 mg/m3 and the temperature shouldn’t be higher than 60℃. There are seven models of axial-flow roofing ventilation fan. The transmission models are all A model (electric shaft). The fan is composed of impeller, wind barrel, power engine, and weatherproof cover. The features of this model of ventilation fan are listed as follows, stable performance, balance revolve, low noise, safe and reliable operation. After static equilibrium calibration, the vibration is smaller and the structure of ventilation fan is reasonable. And it is convenient for maintained. The ventilation fan is installed on the roof and the air conduit isn’t needed. The performances listed in the performance table means those under the standard conditions when the ventilation fan is opened completely( under standard condition, the performance temperature is 20℃, relative humidity is 50℃, the atmospheric pressure is 760mmHg and the air gravity is 1.2kgf/m3.
六、 BDW-87-8 FRP roofing ventilation fan
BDW-87-8 FRP roofing ventilation fan has low noise and smaller vibration. Its external shell is treated with hot spraying corrosion resistance technology. It has strong corrosion resistance for damp atmosphere to guarantee reliable operation outdoor. It is applicable for electric power, petroleum, chemical industry, metallurgy, warehouse and other model buildings. The ventilation fan is vertically installed on the roof and has mushroom cowl rain and snow. It also is equipped with automatic open and close changeover air door. When the air door stops revolving, it is closed to reduce the loss of heat quality loss indoor within winter. The changeover door is the auxiliary of ventilation fan and is chosen by the user when he makes an order. The mushroom cowl and shell are made of FRP, which can be disassembled and detached and be convenient for installation and maintenance. The blade wheel is directly connected with the power engine. The FRP airfoil blade wheel is applied, thus the ventilation fan has excellent pneumatic performance. When the ventilation fan runs, the working medium is technical atmosphere. When the common power engine is used, the medium temperature isn’t higher than 40℃.( when the explosion power engine is used, the medium temperature isn’t higher than 55℃.) when the medium temperature is 25℃, the relative humidity isn’t higher than 95% and the dust content of medium(including solid impurities) shouldn’t exceed 100mg/m3. If the working conditions of ventilation fan exceed the above specifications, it should be brought forward at the time of ordering and we will make special design. The performances of ventilation fan provided by the factory means all air performances under standard conditions (the temperature is 20℃, the relative humidity is 50%, the atmosphere pressure is 101325Pa(760mmHg column) and the gas specific weight is 1.2 kg/m3. If the ventilation fan runs under non-standard conditions, the corresponding performances should be converted with corresponding equation.
七、 BDW-87-9 FRP roofing ventilation fan
BDW-87-9 FRP roofing ventilation fan runs under the condition without serious corrosive medium, and it isn’t explosion. It can be used for common ventilation and air renewal. It can also be processed into explosion FRP roofing ventilation fan. If we add electrostatic prevention carbon material into it and apply explosion power engine, BDW-87-9 FRP roofing ventilation fan can be utilized workshop with requirements for explosion. BDW-87-9 FRP roofing ventilation fan has the characters of square appearance which is harmonious with buildings, beautiful shape, power engine with high mechanical efficiency, power conservation, low noise and small vibration. It can also coordinate the wind prevention and prevention function of ventilation fan. It is applicable for industrial and civil construction to eliminate the remaining thermal and improve the indoor condition. There are six specifications of BDW-87-9 FRP roofing ventilation fan, No. 4 ~ No. 10 (the four specifications, No. 4 ~ No. 7 is explosion ventilation fan), which are applicable for operation under the temperature where the temperature isn’t higher than 40℃.
八、 FDW3, FDW4 and FWT4 series centrifugal roofing ventilation fan
Common FWT4-85-11 series centrifugal roofing ventilation fan is used for local air renewal: (1) in workshop and industry: workshop, warehouse, stock farm, etc; (2) building and public residence: the local air renewal of high buildings and general buildings; (3) various public location: school, hospital, laboratory, gymnasium, cinema and hotel;(4) surrounding air condition: dust content shouldn’t be higher than 150mg/M3 and the temperature of other solid impurities shouldn’t be higher than 80℃.

  FDW3-88-11 series low noise centrifugal roofing ventilation fan: (1) local air renewal of various public Establishments: memorial, museum, hotel, restaurant, school, gymnasium, hospital and office building, etc. (2) building and pubic residence: local air renewal of high floor and common building ;( 3) surrounding air condition when employing: the dust content shouldn’t be higher than 150mg/M3 and the temperature of other solid impurities shouldn’t be higher than 60℃.

  Structure and design characters:FDW3-88-11 and FDW4-75-11 series low roofing ventilation fan can provide fresh and comfort living environment for customers. It is impressed by low noise, reliable operation, infinite speed outward rotation power engine (change the rotational speed by adjusting the voltage of pressure regulator), larger scale performance adjustment scope, compacted structure. It applies FRP material for shell and blade wheel. It also has the characters of lighter weight, beautiful shape, economical and durable and easy for maintenance. FWT4-85-11 series roofing centrifugal ventilation fan has larger flux, higher static pressure and applies Y series three-phased power engine and the voltage is 380V. FRP material is applied for both shell and blade wheel. They have lighter weight, beautiful shape and are convenient for maintenance.


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